Norms and Standards

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Our cus­tomers ex­pect high stan­dards of qual­ity and tech­nol­ogy of our equip­ment as well as short de­liv­ery times and high de­liv­ery re­li­a­bil­ity. We can only meet these ex­pec­ta­tions to­gether with you, our sup­pli­ers.

VON ARDENNE norms and standards have been established to achieve this common goal. We are providing these documents here for you to view or download.

f you need any fur­ther in­for­ma­tion or if you have any ques­tions, please do not hes­i­tate to con­tact us:

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VON ARDENNE STANDARD 3001    Requirements for the manufacture of vacuum parts
VON ARDENNE STANDARD 3003Leak test using the pressure increase method
VON ARDENNE STANDARD 3004Leak test using test gas
INSPECTION REPORT 3005 Inspection of pipes and containers according
INSPECTION REPORT 3005AInspection report for testing of pipes and containers according
VON ARDENNE NORM 3006Realisation of welding and soldering products
VON ARDENNE NORM 3010Surface finishing by abrasive blasting
VON ARDENNE NORM 3011Technical requirements for lip seals
Template 1330 (PDF)
Template 1330 (EXL)
Request for deviation/change permission (Special Release)
Template 2990 (Word)Template for 8D-Report
VON ARDENNE NORM 3013   Color assignment by material for extruded materials