Key Areas of customer benefit

What are the key factors for your satisfaction?

The TECHNOLOGY you apply has to be excellent in order to provide your customers with the best product features based on top coating parameters.

The QUALITY of your products has to satisfy the needs of your customer and should exceed the benchmark of your competitors.

If the PRODUCTIVITY of your coating equipment is high and predictable, it will help you ensure a high delivery capacity at competitive costs.

Leading-edge technology, quality and productivity are built-in features of our coating equipment. We are committed to maintain and enhance these features according to your requirements during the entire lifetime of the equipment.



We make sure that our coating technologies are up to date and improved continuously. We believe that the best technology standard of today has to be the best of tomorrow too, so that you can satisfy your customers and investors.

In order to achieve that, we offer:

Technology upgrades

... to improve configurations and parameters

Layer stack optimization

... to improve your product with our expertise

Layer stack competence training

... to empower your technology workforce

Technology and Application Center

... fast sampling & high-level analysis of coatings



Our coating equipment is designed to fulfill your quality requirements and those of your customers. Maintaining and improving the equipment is the key to enduring success. The right measuring and control systems will help you to monitor and influence the critical parameters.

In-situ/ex-situ measuring systems

... with improved features and easier handling

VAprocos process control system

... to monitor and control sputtering processes

Layer uniformity optimization

... to ensure the high quality of the coating

Technology and Application Center

... for testing different solution approaches

Original VON ARDENNE spare and wear parts

... with positive impact on product quality

Training - at the customer site or at VON ARDENNE

... for safe operation without limitation

Advanced maintenance service

... to ensure stable process parameters



We focus on output and cost optimization. This can be achieved by measures such as increasing the throughput and reducing the mean time to recovery (MTTR), by improving the target utilization and by reducing the costs of spare and wear parts.

Upgrades for cycle time reduction

... based on our experience with vacuum coating equipment

Original VON ARDENNE spare and wear parts

... of best quality to reduce the mean time to recovery (MTTR)

Worldwide spare parts logistics

... for short lead time and high delivery reliability

Life cycle extension of wear parts

... to reduce downtimes and costs of wear parts

Tool audits

... to discover potential for improvement

Maintenance optimization and training

... to improve tools, procedures and skills

Reducing the cost of ownership

... VON ARDENNE offers consulting to lower the cost of ownership